i really really hope we get to see more of her because she was too precious like omg

heyyy tumblr i sorta can’t decide which outfit to go with for my OC

this is really important ok please help me pick one??? (and maybe suggest me better color choices ??)

I recently saw your old comic about enjoying your art. Its a simple comic, but i think it holds a powerful message, especially for younger artists who are struggling with jealousy and their current skill level. I get extremely jealous when i see people my age making gorgeous art. I end up thinking "I'll never be as good as them," but your comic really highlights the fact that no matter our skill level we should be proud of our art. Thank you so much for inspiring me to love my art again.

gosh, anon, I’ve been rereading your message for a couple minutes now and it makes me so so happy to know that you’re appreciating your art again! :´) thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

not gonna lie here, I often go through that comic’s notes just to see what people have to say about it. I’ve seen many inspiring stories and sad stories and they all made me really emotional. many of them had really great advices, too, and I took them to heart. I know the struggle of feeling jealous or discontent with your own art, I really do. the thing is, my love for drawing is stronger, and I’ve slowly learned to love every stage of my learning process. :) I’m glad to know I’ve managed to get that message to some other artists, too!! always remember to be kind to your art, and to yourself as an artist.

some unfinished stuff…….. ye.

I really love your art, it's so great! Especially the Homestuck stuff!~

Aaahh thank you!! I really should get back to drawing homestuck. :´)

my friend’s trainers are so cute gosh

How many followers do you have?